Adding a Goal

(1) To create a Goal in Happenstance, tap the "+" in the navigation menu above. Once here you have the option to Add a Goal or Add Progress.

(2) Add Goal & Add Progress Buttons: Here you can either select to Add a Goal or Add Progress. Here we will walk through adding a goal (learn more about Adding Progress here). 

(3) Title & Description: Give your new Goal a Title and Description to fit your objectives.

(4) Photo: Click the camera icon to add a motivational photo to your goal.

(5) Starts: You can select any day to begin your goal, this will effect checkpoints, notifications, and calculations of goals. Keep this in mind when selecting your start date.

(6) Ends: You have three options when and how your goal ends. "On" "In" and "Every". ON: to End a Goal ON a Specific Date. IN: to End a Goal IN a Predefined Amount of Time. EVERY: to End & Create a New Goal Each Period. Read a more detailed explanation about Ending Options for your goal.

(7) Units: Select the units that best fit your goal. Search the list for pre-populated units or add your own by clicking done once you have typed it in.

(8) End Goal: If you have a predefined end goal, type in the number here (Example: Raising $100,000 for Charity). If not, you can select to Auto Calculate the End Goal using your Checkpoints. 

Auto Calculate End Goal: By turning this option ON your End Goal will be Automatically Calculated from the Checkpoints you select up to the End of the Goal (Example: if you have a goal to Play Guitar that ends in 10 Weeks, and you choose a Checkpoint Interval of Once a Week, and Playing 5 Hours Each week, the Auto Calculated End Goal will be 50)

(9) Checkpoints: Choose the Intervals you want to have Happenstance Notify you to Check In and how much of your goal you should complete within that Interval time. Read a more detailed explanation about Checkpoint Options for your goal.

(10) Share Your New Goal: Share your newly added goal by selecting to post on Twitter and/or Facebook. You can also share your goal by email. Read a more detailed explanation about Sharing on Happenstance.

(11) Add Goal Button: All you have left to do is tap this button and you've added your goal!

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