Checkpoints give you the option to set check ins and notifications to remind and motivate you to complete your goals.

(1) Interval Time: (See 4 & 5 Below for More Detail) this is when your check in and notification will be set to appear, this is calculated from the Start Date you selected.

(2) Interval Goal: This is how much of your End Goal you want to complete within this specific interval checkpoint. This will also be the basis of Calculating your End Goal if you selected Auto Calculate End Goal.

(3) Notifications: Your checkpoints will always appear in the "H" tab, where you can see all your prior, current, and upcoming checkpoints. If you would like a push notification to remind you as well, turn Notifications on. This is for this particular goal. Make sure notifications in Happenstance are globally turned on under settings as well.

(4) Select the amount of time between each Checkpoint. All options give you numerical values except for Daily (as shown below).

(5) Daily: If you select to have daily checkpoints, you can select the specific days of the week the checkpoints appear.

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