Goal Pages

A Goal's Page shows you everything about your goal, including your progress and a detailed graph of your checkpoints.

(1) Title, Units & Progress: the title of your goal and the units of measurement for your goal. Additionally see how much you have completed of your total End Goal, with the progress bar.

(2) Inspirational Photo & Percent Complete: click the icon to see your inspirational photo, click on the photo again to close it. Also see what percentage of your goal you have completed.


(3) Checkpoints & Progress: Tapping here will take you to the Checkpoints & Progress page for this goal, which shows the graph and all your checkpoints.

(4) Graph & Upcoming Checkpoint: the graph shows all your progress and upcoming checkpoints (green is complete, yellow a fraction amount, and red is incomplete). The Checkpoint below the graph is the next upcoming checkpoint for this goal. To see all checkpoints, tap (3) as noted above.


(5) Description: this is the description you entered when you created your goal.

(6) Information: this gives you the information and break down of the options you selected when you created your goal.


(7) Share: easily share your goal on Twitter, Facebook, or by Email. You may be prompted to log in if this is your first time sharing something in Happenstance. If you are logged into Twitter, your Goal will automatically be shared once you tap the button. Facebook will give you a chance to add more information.

(8) Edit Goal & Add Progress: these buttons take you to exactly what they say. If you want to edit the goal, tap the Edit Goal button. Editing a goal gives you the same options as you had when creating a goal. If you would like to add progress, tap the Add Progress button (you can also always add progress quickly by tapping the "+" in the navigation menu at the top and then selecting Progress, this avoids having to go directly into a goal to add progress). 


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