Checkpoints Page

(1) "H": tap the "H" button to see your Checkpoints, this is also where your notifications will take you if you have a checkpoint notification for today.

(2) Today, Upcoming & Prior: Checkpoints are broken into 3 headings. Those for Today, ones that are Upcoming, which show the next upcoming checkpoint for each one of your goals, and Prior (not shown in the screenshot below, swipe down to reveal it above the Today heading). 

(3) Actions: the three grey buttons to the right of each checkpoint each represent a specific action.

Checkmark: the checkmark, once clicked, immediately adds the progress as complete (you can go into a goal and uncheck this later if you accidentally tap it).

Slash: if you did more or less than your checkpoint amount, click the slash to edit your progress. THis fractional amount will be reflected in your goal's page, graph, and checkpoints.

the X: if you did do any of your progress as defined by the checkpoint, click the "X" and it will show as incomplete in your goal's page, graph, and checkpoints. CheckpointsH.png

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