Checkpoints & Progress

(1) Checkpoints & Progress Graph: If you click the Checkpoints & Progress button in a Goal's Page it will bring you here. 

The graph is the same here as on the goal page, but easier to reference with all your checkpoints for that specific goal.

(2) Checkpoints: all your checkpoints for your goal are listed here, for quick reference and selection. It shows your amount and time for each checkpoint (which you selected when creating the goal). Underneath this, it shows the date each particular checkpoint is due.

Actions: the three grey buttons to the right of each checkpoint each represent a specific action.

Checkmark: the checkmark, once clicked, immediately adds the progress as complete (you can go into a goal and uncheck this later if you accidentally tap it).

Slash: if you did more or less than your checkpoint amount, click the slash to edit your progress. THis fractional amount will be reflected in your goal's page, graph, and checkpoints.

the X: if you did do any of your progress as defined by the checkpoint, click the "X" and it will show as incomplete in your goal's page, graph, and checkpoints.

You can undo a selection by tapping on a button that has already been marked, which will also remove it from your progress. GoalPage_CheckpointsProgress.png

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