Progress Report

(1) Progress Report: tap the pie chart button to see the Snapshot Report of your overall progress.

(2) Overview of Progress: this shows your Total Goals, how many you have Completed, how many are currently In Progress, and how many you did not complete (Incomplete).

(3) Timeliness: this chart shows how timely you currently are with your goals. You will see a percentage of your goal that are currently on time, how many are behind schedule, and how many are ahead of schedule.

(4) Intervals: this shows how many of your goals have Daily Checkpoints, Weekly Checkpoints, Monthly Checkpoints, and Yearly Checkpoints.

(5) Categories: here you will see how many goals you have under each category (the number on the far right), which is also visually represented by a bar that changes to represent the number in comparison to other categories. Report_Categories.png

(6) Share: just like when adding a goal, in a goal page, or adding progress, you can share your goal on Twitter, Facebook, or by Email. You may be prompted to log in if this is your first time sharing something in Happenstance. If you are logged into Twitter, your Goal will automatically be shared once you tap the button. Facebook will give you a chance to add more information.

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