Startup & Account Creation

(Note: Numbers in parenthesis correspond to the numbers on images)

(1) Once you've downloaded Happenstance you will be prompted to create an account on startup. This is not required and you can (2) skip this step, but it is highly recommended that you create an account in order to save your data and synch your information with the cloud, allowing you to login and bring that data on other devices, or if you need to login to different accounts on the same device.

(Note: Your email and password will be needed to log back in, if you log out at any time, so remember or write them down!)

(3) A quick tutorial will follow, on your first use of Happenstance, to give you the broad overview of where everything is. (4) Swipe from right to left to see each slide or click the swipe button at the bottom right. (5) In order to begin using Happenstance you must click close on the bottom left to exit out of this short overview.


For more information on how to use the app, search this knowledge base or the support tickets on this site.

We are always working to better our product for you, so please give us your feedback, questions, comments, or requests!

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